stories of absence

The multimedia installation unfolds a selection of stories of absence. In response to an open call artists from all over the world shared their experiences of someone being there and not there at the same time. A collection of video, audio and dance created in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemics and housed in a folded architectural structure.

Concept & choreography Ilana Reynolds and Sabrina Huth

Concept & editing Ester Eva Damen

Architectural design Joris Berger

Contributors Agasi Michal, Can Ün Erol, Clark Janessa, Colmant Charlotte, Damen Ester Eva, Duna Dias, El-Taliawi Abdulrahman, Favale Fabrizio, Farmer Marija, Frieling Kamee, Funes Diego, Garefi Maria, Gates Gelena, Gyorfi Attila, Hütt Henry, Kasidiari Aikaterini, Kesler May, Klein Denise, Kriechbaum Annina, Lambert Mikayla, Larsen Kristian, Legrand Demsey, Loundo Tejaswini, Lovreglio Wilson Alessia, Lucato Daniela, Martinez Susan, Naspolini Dora, Pauwels Doke, Papaioannou Eleni, Papapanagiotou Kleopatra, Peterse Ari, Polyzos Jannis, Pop Gavril, Rykner Lena, Scesny Keegan, Schairer Stefanie, Schwarz Dally, Simone Severine, Swenson Hannah, Souklaye Sylvain, Upsi Flupsi, Van Litsenburg Christine, Vanoli Noémie

Coproduction NDSM Fuse and Over’t Ij Festival Amsterdam

Exhibition Opening 11 July, 2020 Gallery NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam


The exhibition is realized in collaboration with the generous support of NDSM Fuse and Over’t Ij Festival Amsterdam Noord. 

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