Involution proposes a beautifully subtle, yet penetrating presence in the exhibition space, simultaneously undermining and underlining the space’s implicit ‘stage and seating’. The performance’s self-dictating duration, form and radius establishes a very strong gesture.

Suzanne Sanders, Curator De Punt, Art Gallery

involution arises from an ongoing process of unlearning. Embedded in an art gallery the long-durational solo unravels habitual patterns of movement by radically extending them in time and space. The dancer crosses five metres in two hours. Rather than producing an outer form or shape, the movement folds in and unfolds from kinaesthetic and proprioceptive sensations. involution doesn`t follow linear time, nor linear space. It creates a continuum without discrete units. It evolves sequentially without following a line. It is readable without producing a narrative.

Concept, choreography & performance Sabrina Huth

Video Ester Eva Damen

Editing Manar Chefraddine

Mentor Gintaras Didziapetris 

Premiere 17 February 2018, Gallery Neverneverland, De Punt, Amsterdam

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