Mhmmmm. It tastes like ice cream. Mhmm. Mhmmm. Mhmmmmm. 


Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

And then it’s over.

In the frame of the performance series Fucktory and Pornercise dance artists Ton Bogataj and Sabrina Huth identify, deconstruct, and abstract gender-stereotypical sexual practices and associated role behaviors based on the analysis of pornographic film material. They critically deal with the staging of the sexual act in heteronormative mainstream porn by putting its intimacy and alienation next to each other and in a choreographic framework.

Concept, choreography & performance Ton Bogataj and Sabrina Huth

Music Diana Damrau “Königin der Nacht”

Premiere 20 March, 2017; Schikaneder Wien

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