Photo @ Christina Häusler

I am a feminist artist, currently working from Berlin. My practice includes dance, choreography, and writing. I like to think of myself as a hostess, welcoming collaborators and audience members into poetic landscapes where the real and fictional are gently interwoven. I am fascinated by the ambiguity and complexity of the human psyche in a world full of contradictions and double standards. Queer feminist readings of C.G. Jung’s dream analysis and archetypes have a strong influence on my work. By holding the tension of the opposites I am interested in allowing various forms of coexistence and togetherness to emerge. 

I am also a passionate Roller Skater and have a weakness for coffee and cake.


Over the past years, I have been working as a dancer and choreographer on interdisciplinary projects with musicians, writers, painters, and video artists. I believe that together we know more. Since 2018, I have been involved in a thriving collaboration with dance artist Ilana Reynolds. We have developed the choreographic approach Imagined Choreographies in order to research the potential of physical absence to expand the body into the state of fiction and the in-between. in 2020, I co-founded the feminist collective Tanzwut.


I grew up in a working-class family and later on was the first family member to pursue an academic and artistic career. I studied Psychology at the University of Vienna (2015) and Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogy at the Institute INGATA, Austria (2015). Driven by the desire to combine my artistic and academic practice, I applied for and then graduated with the Master Artistic Research at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (2020) and as a guest student of the Master Choreography at HZT Berlin (2019). This is where I discovered a true passion for choreography and started making my own work. In 2021, I began a training as a Myoreflextherapy Practitioner.

Read my full CV here!

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